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Our Story

Tennessee Toddles is a quaint, bright open play center and birthday party venue for infants, toddlers and preschool aged children, dedicated to learning through active play.


Our indoor play structures were designed for young children to be active all while practicing their growing gross motor skills. With the found link between gross motor skills and cognitive development, the importance of active play in early childhood is high. Learning through play at TN Toddles is multifaceted as children of varying ages have a blast while enhancing all areas of their development. 

We are only 20 minutes from Belle Meade, 10 minutes from Bellevue, and 20 minutes from Franklin!! Come Play Today!!

Young children love creating masterpieces

Whether it's building a tower of foam bricks taller than themselves, drawing the plant life cycle on chalkboards, enjoying art supplies, or any of the various table activities, each child is engaged and beams at their hard work! 

Play Rules



We are shoe free environment. 

  • Kids: Must wear non-slippery socks.

  • Parents/Guardians: Must wear non-slippery socks.


A waiver must be completed for all children before they enter the playground. Only one waiver is required per family, and you can fill it online (recommended) or at the waiver kiosk in our lobby.

Tennessee Toddles is designed with safety and security as our top priority. All of our large play exhibits and our toys comply with all the safety standards and building codes.

Tennessee Toddles will not be responsible or be held liable for any injuries resulting from rough play, poor behavior or inappropriate use of toys and playhouses.

We are not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of your personal belongings. Do not leave your valuables, electronics, or purses/wallets unattended.

No outside food/drinks. Snacks and beverages are for sale at our front desk. Food and drinks must be consumed only in the snack area. No food or drinks are allowed in the play area and please avoid food that has nuts in them. 

Diaper changing tables and disposal bins are located in the restrooms. Please do not change a diaper outside of the restrooms, or do not dispose a dirty diaper anywhere except in the restroom bins.

Please place all toys that have made their way to a child's mouth in the dirty toy bin.

Parent or caregiver must stay on-premises at all times when not utilizing our drop-in service. While we help to make sure your child/children are having fun so you can too, you are still fully responsible for your child.


We do not allow "walk-in parties". No unreserved parties or other celebrations are allowed in our facility including cake, candles, gifts, balloons, or goody bags.

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